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HOT's Response

Without attempting to cast blame nor level accusations, HOT Government calls for an immediate halt of the RUSD referendum recount and total abandonment of the project overall. There have been far too many irregularities that have been imposed in response to the initial disruptive effect of the response to the Corona virus pandemic and an accurate representation of the will of the voters has become impossible.


Voting protocol was disrupted followed by subsequent disruptions of the adaptations that were made. Then the closeness of the raw vote made a recount imperative. Unfortunately, the recount too has been besieged with irregularities which have resulted in some ballots that were improperly cast and collected being included in the final total, while legitimately cast ballots have been randomly removed in a “drawdown” process designed to make ballot totals acceptable.


In addition, reports of electioneering having taken place at some polling places have cast a pallor of legal uncertainty of the voting process itself.


This is a billion dollar commitment that is being imposed on the RUSD public and taxpayers that is far too meaningful to simply be allowed to chance. The citizens of this region have a clear right to be truthfully informed and to have confidence in the voting process and the count. The current process, whether manged in good faith or not, simply offers no possibility for that to have happened.


Let this serve as notice that we, executives and other members of the organization HOT Government, intend to call for the vote and the recount to be declared null and void, and to be rescheduled at a later date of RUSD’s choosing.

Libertarian Response

Jim Sewell, member of the Libertarian Party, says that several of the Petitioners for the Unified Referendum recount are planning on appealing decisions made by the Unified Board of Canvassers to Circuit Court. Jim said that when the recount started he was under the assumption that it was a truth finding process, but quickly realized it was an adversarial process: the recount was run by someone hired by the school district, and important decisions were made by the Unified Board of Canvass, all employees of the school district who want the referendum to pass. The first decision being appealed is the one to not count ballots in which the 'o' of 'No' was filled in rather than the oval in front of 'No'. It is our contention that the will of the voter was clearly to vote No. The second is their decision to count absentee ballots that were duplicated by poll workers but cannot be verified to be accurate due to: the original is missing, or the originals and duplicates cannot be located because they weren't properly marked and separated. We contend that there should be drawdowns or removals for these ballots since their accuracy cannot be verified. We are thankful for the excellent work and help during the recount process by all those involved , but while we understand the great pressure put upon them due to current conditions, are appalled by the lack of diligence by the poll workers in those wards where the originals and duplicates were not properly kept, labeled and separated as they should be. In many cases different sets of ballots were counted during the recount than on election day solely due to this lack of diligence

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