HOT Government refers to Honest, Open and Transparent Government.

Our goal is to expose those segments of local government that are corrupt, secretive, abusive of the citizenry, or perhaps just so terribly inefficient and misguided that they hinder government effectiveness, waste money and resources or, in some instances, actually endanger us.  Once these bad parts are identified, we can vote them out of office, or if they are not elected, terminate their employment.




An active member of the  Racine City Council, was referred to Racine's Ethics Board by City Attorney Scott Letteney for alleged violations of official confidentiality.  When she requested that he provide her with copies of the "evidence" that he was using against her, Letteney claimed that under "attorney client privilege," he was not obligated to do so.

His refusal has resulted in an unnecessary court case that is expected to cost taxpayers well over $100,000 and has distracted the city council and the city's legal department from far more important work.  Secret courts are expensive, do not protect the citizens, and violate the US Constitution. Our court system was not intended to be used as a weapon to silence the voice of the people.

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This has been, and continues to be, possibly the most misguided, and wasteful development project that this Racine County has ever embarked on. It was marched out to great fanfare in July of 2017 and projected to be the foundational development project that would revitalize Racine County.

Equality of Opportunity

Racine has been rated to be the third worst city in the entire nation for Black people to live! Racine is not what equal opportunity looks like.  We need serious reform of both law enforcement and our judicial system.  There are many good people, honorable people, who work in those systems, but until the problem causers are removed, we cannot have equality of opportunity.



Machinery Row was advertised as a $65 million project, but no developer showed up with any money or commitment to make it happen and all the public money (approximately $13 million and counting) has brought us nothing but vacant land and no realistic plan for its use. Wisconsin DNR Knowles Nelson grant was misappropriated and

festering in the background is potentially several more lawsuits where millions of public money that are going to have to be given to the people and businesses that were displaced.