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Complaint alleges Wisconsin city violated Constitution in 2020 election

Racine officials 'involved private corporations and their employees' in running vote

The complaint contends Racine "failed to comply with state laws" in return for more than $940,000 in cash given to the city.

Wisconsin’s Legislature "never gave municipalities the authority to adopt or accept private corporate conditions affecting existing state election laws," the complaint charges. "The [Wisconsin Elections] Commission, as the responsible entity in the administration of election laws, never opined on the legality of private corporate conditions affecting existing election laws."

Mason, a Democrat, did not respond to requests from the Spotlight for comment.

The report said the complaint is similar to one filed earlier this month on behalf of residents of Green Bay, where officials also are alleged to have taken money and allowed private activist groups to control significant portions of the 2020 election process, including vote counting. Read More

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