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HOT Makes Two Records Request Asking for Emails in Racine's 2020 Election

Hot has sent out open record requests on two City of Racine employees "Tara Coolidge" and "Vicky Selkowe". (Attached) Submitted to the City of Racine on 3 - 17 - 2021. One area of concentration is City Clerk Tara Coolidge, how were poll workers selected and used by the City of Racine in the November 2020 election? We are finding many poll workers were denied work in the 2020 November election. Many were regular poll workers in the past. We are asking for a list of denied poll workers, policy, procedure, and emails from the city. We are also asking the denied poll workers to contact us. We feel the city manufactured and created a poll worker crisis keeping the 'politically unreliable' out of service.

Another open records request submitted to the City of Racine is 'Vicky Selkowe'. Manager of Strategic Initiatives & Community Partnerships and Multicultural Liaison. Through emails obtained from the Green Bay open records request we have discovered her to be the point person in the City of Racine orchestrating the November 2020 election with Center for Tech and Civil Life (CTCL).

'The Center for Tech and Civic Life, which was established in 2015, received $300 million from Mr. Zuckerberg’s wife, Priscilla Chan, on Sept. 1 and then another $100 million on Oct. 13, according to the center’s press releases.' Washington Times

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