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Who is Ari Steinberg?

Emails and documents obtained by H.O.T. Government allege that individuals affiliated with Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life the Election Group and National Vote at Home Institute took control of the City of Racine WI. 2020 election and the election procedures. Weekly meeting agendas were set by “The Election Group” A sample ballot and envelope was also sent to Michael Spitzer Rubenstein by Racine Clerk Tara Coolidge. Additional emails show that Ari Steinberg was introduced to Racine Clerk Tara Coolidge “we are going to bring in Ari Steinberg at U.S. Digital Response” Steinberg was brought in to develop a vote tracking app for Coolidge “Can we create a ballot log outside of WisVote, either for election day or for the entire process too?” WisVote is a comprehensive election management system that municipalities and counties use to manage voters, absentee ballots, poll workers, and other election details. WEC developed the current system in 2016 to ensure voter data contained within remains secure. Another email states “So all I need from you is the data from WisVote”. “You can download the full list of active voters and absentee ballots I can process everything, so you won’t need to.”

Former Facebook engineer Ari Steinberg designed the app, and told The Information he did it during his spare time as engineering director at Airbnb in the hope of having a “positive impact on the election” by allowing people to check whether they or other people they know in - had their votes counted.

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